Multicultural Heritage Society

of Prince George

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The objectives of the Multicultural Heritage Society are:

  1. To encourage full participation of diverse cultures in the life of the community;
  2. To promote cross-cultural interaction between cultural groups through educational workshops, conferences and artistic events;
  3. To improve collaborative relationships for diverse cultures and organizations in northern BC within educational, business, social and family environments; and,
  4. To promote a sense of Canadian identity first, while respecting the right of everyone to value and preserve his or her cultural heritage.


The Society is a non-profit umbrella organization. It is supported by:

  • Province of BC Gaming Grant
  • Department of Canadian Heritage - Multiculturalism Branch
  • Celebrate Canada Committee of BC
  • Service Canada (HRSDC)
  • City of Prince George
  • Corporate Donations
  • Membership Dues

We are always looking for new people to get involved with the Multicultural Heritage Society. Please feel free to contact us at

535 Dominion Street
Prince George, BC
V2L 1T7
Phone: (250) 563-8525
Fax:(250) 563-9440

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