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Multicultural Programs & Events


Multicultural Programs

- Organization of workshops, seminars, public forums, and lectures on multiculturalism, race relations, and related issues.

- Provision of cross-cultural educational services to government agencies, businesses, voluntary groups, and the public.

- Referral to community service agencies and cultural groups.

- Translator Services (if available).


Annual Events

- December 10 - International Human Rights Day

- February - Multiculturalism Week

- March 21 - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

- June 27 - Multiculturalism Day

- July 1 - Celebrate Canada Festival



In March 2001 the Society received the "End Racism Award" presented by the Honourable Sue Hammell, Minister of Multiculturalism and Immigration.

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in working toward the elimination of racism in British Columbia. Twenty nominations were submitted and eight winners were selected.

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